What is gluten?

Gluten is protein found in wheat, barley, rye and oats.It gives texture and elasticity found in foods like bread and pastas.

Are all of your beers gluten-free?

Without the shadow of a doubt! Our beers are exclusively brewed with gluten-free grains such as corn, millet and buckwheat. We do not use wheat, barley or any other ingredients that contains or may contain traces of gluten, therefore ensuring a completely and 100% safe gluten-free beer.

Which tests do your perform to ensure a 0,00 PPM beer?

We conduct an ELISA test on each brew and every new style is 0,00 PPM-tested by an independent lab. For the sake of complete transparency, all these results can be viewed on the "Product" page of our website.

Do you beers contain alcohol?

Gluten-free does not mean alcohol-free! Our regular beers go from 4.5 % to 6.5 % alc/vol, even going so far as 10 % for some of our seasonal beers.

Are hops gluten-free?

Certainly. The hop plant is a perennial climbing plant belonging to the Cannabaceae family. It's used in beer for its bitterness and aromatic properties.

Is the corn used in your beers GMO-free?

As of April 2017, our corn is specifically GMO free.

Do your beers contain nuts?

The Glutenberg Red contains chestnuts, which are not usually considered allergens. None of our other beers contain nuts.

Are your beers vegan?

They are, since we do not use any animal-derived ingredients to brew our beers.

What does IBU mean?

The International Bitterness Unit is used to measure a beer's bitterness level. The higher the number, the more bitter is the beer.

Do you offer tours of the brewery?

Since we are neither equipped with a pub or a tasting room, we do not currently offer official tours of the brewery. However, it is possible to make an appointment with us and get a brief overlook of our installations.