Our mission

Brew tasty and bold gluten-free beers in order to deliver a unique and unforgettable drinking experience. From our atypical ingredients to our unparalleled brewing methods, creativity is at the heart of all of our achievements.

Our story

Long-time friends Julien Niquet and David Cayer initially came up with the idea of brewing a gluten-free beer in 2010. Julien, an entrepreneur at heart, had always dreamed of leading his own company. Diagnosed with celiac disease a decade earlier and completely appalled by what the market had to offer in terms of gluten-free beers, he and David saw a unique opportunity to fulfill an ever-growing need. Driven by audacity and ambition, they set out to redefine the world of gluten-free brewing. After a disastrous yet hilarious test batch, they recruited Gabriel Charbonneau (through Facebook!), who went on to become their head brewer and a vital component of the company.

Over a year of research and development later, our first beer and flagship product, the Glutenberg Blonde, took on the Québec market. Its dry profile, its lemon peel notes and, most of all, its rich and powerful aromas made it an instant success. The American Pale Ale as well as the Red Beer followed shortly, allowing us to finish our first year of existence with three tasty and innovative gluten-free beers.

In May 2012, we obtained our first international recognition. In a spectacular turn of events, our beers collected all three medals of the Gluten-Free Beer category at the most prestigious brewing intercontinental competition, the World Beer Cup. Not only was this a new achievement for the brewery, it was also an all-time first in the competition’s history. From this point on, our sales went through the roof!

Since then, our production capacity has been on the rise and we have increased the number of areas, states and countries where our beer is sold. Now distributed from coast to coast in Canada, the Glutenberg is also available in 24 American States as well as in Australia, Sweden, Norway, Spain and France.

Our success

of our production is exported to the United States
of our grain is produced in Québec
of our raw materials are gluten-free
seasonal beers
regular beers
gastronomic series in partnership with François Chartier – Créateur d’harmonies
fermentation and conditioning tanks
full-time brewers
dedicated and dynamic team